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Samples of Writing by Carol Fuccillo
Samples of Writing by Carol Fuccillo

Please refer to Books tab for links to Carol's books for an updated example of her writing style. Her book and the books she contributed to were written in 2021.  


November 2017
This year has been a year of massive growth.

I’ve overcome fears that I’d never had in my youth, but through life and some trauma, had evolved into monolithic walls that I knew I had to overcome.

And I’ve done so. 

I’ve also faced fears that I never knew existed and I’m still in the process of overcoming those fears.

I’ve learned what love is. What true love is.

What a gift. 

Learning to love again, in any capacity, when your walls had turned to nearly impermeable stone, is a process.

A slow, iterative, and sometimes painful process.

Because you can get hurt. 

And when your heart is out there, after being under wraps for a very long time, it’s still a little tender and tentative.

But you need to put it out there – because the alternative is much worse.

Anytime you love, either with a lover or a friend, you put yourself out there – because people are fallible and changeable. 

The reality is  - the right people in your life will stay – the wrong ones will leave, but at least you are open to being in IT – IT meaning life, and life is love. 

What if we loved our God that much?  Because our God loves us more than anything.  Each and every one of us.

When I think that I can only find rest in a lover’s arms or presence or a friend’s comfort, that’s ridiculous – I should have all my fulfillment in my Creator.  Because my Creator will not purposely or accidentally hurt me.  Because our Creator IS love.  Perfect love.  

In that perfect love, there is true rest and comfort – no ONE can provide you with that security and comfort – because we are not God.  We can reflect God’s love as best we can and I know many people who do. 

I strive for this but I am a sinner and I know it – I struggle with anger, lust, fear, etc.  Every day. I think we all do.  There is no perfect person.  There are many who are closer to God than I am.  For sure.

Someone once told me that they wished they could love God as much as they loved me. Wow.  It brought tears to my eyes because I felt an all-encompassing love from that.  But feelings can change and people change, and you never know.   That’s the kind of love I want to feel for my God and from my God. 

But it is up to us to take God’s hand and God will help us learn to do just that. 



Water, and what to do about it ... for the next 40 years By Carol Fuccillo Special toThe SUN
Originally appeared in the Pagosa Springs Sun, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, 7/14/2005 edition