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Reviews for Freelance Writing by Carol Koppelman
 Immensely Helpful
Immensely Helpful


Thank you for your professional review and help with our church vision statement.

The vision statement was also a school project and your help with it effected my grade in a positive way.

I liked the fact that you didn’t rewrite the entire report, but instead reviewed it with an objective eye, gave me feedback, changed some wording, and reorganized it.

That helped immensely.

Thank you for your timely and comprehensive review of my work and I appreciate it.

Darren McDaniel
Associate Pastor
Buckeye First Assembly
Buckeye, Arizona

Professional, Honest & Trustworthy
Professional, Honest & Trustworthy

Dear Carol,

I want to thank you for your professional review of my novel, "Stillwater."  The novel took me 17 years to write and without your initial and final reviews, the book would never have come to fruition.

The initial review helped me to realize that I needed to develop my characters, which were too one dimensional in the beginning of the first rendering. With your editorial advice, I had greater confidence in my storyline and my own ability to stretch my writing to include more details of the science of the book.

Your final review helped me to narrow the writing genre of my 300 page work.  Your critique helped me to realize that the novel is not a romance novel, but in fact, a book about a scientist who encountered real life struggles with religion and love.  A romance novel would have required me to diminish the science and perhaps the spiritual aspects of the character.

As a writer of a first novel, I was frightened to have anyone read my work.  I trusted you with a piece of myself and that trust was not misplaced.  You were professional, thorough and honest in your assessment of the readability of my work.  I never once worried about your sharing your work with others either.  

Thank you again for sharing your writing and editing experience in the timely and professional review of my first novel.

- Sarah Ann Moore



I’d like to take a moment to thank you for your efforts during our procedure upgrade project.


I consider your dedication and professionalism over the life of the project crucial to our success. Your ability to adapt to changing situations and environments while continuing to produce quality work was especially helpful considering the length of the project and management changes we endured.


I personally appreciate the fact that I could rely on you when I needed a specific task completed, and know it would be done consistently with project objectives and on time.


Thanks again for all your support in making the project successful.


Doug Smith

Project Manager

Procedure Replacement Project